The Astoria platform provides channels for users to work together on authoring and reviewing tasks. The core capability is the Astoria Annotation, which may be attached to any file, XML element, or non-XML object. Astoria Annotations are not inserted into your content; instead, they’re to your content.

Stakeholders and writers can collaborate internally through Astoria Annotations. Stakeholders, using the Astoria Reviewer mobile apps or browser apps, make suggestions about changes to content. These suggestions are stored as Astoria Annotations, and they are non-destructive linkages to your content. Writers can see these Astoria Annotations within the third-party XML editing tool itself, as they’re created. Writers can then respond to the comments immediately (which the Stakeholder sees), take action on each comment, and so on.

Your customers can collaborate through Astoria, too. The Astoria Portal allows your customers to add comments and ratings right next to the content they’re reading. Furthermore, if you configure customer comments to flow back to the Astoria platform, your writers can view this feedback in their authoring environment and take immediate action.