The Astoria Portal enables a tighter level of customer engagement than is possible with traditional one-way publishing systems. The Astoria Portal allows your customers to download an instance of a publication or topic, personalize a collection of topics into a PDF, eBook or other format, and consume that content offline on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop device. The underlying components of the Astoria Portal include:

  • A RESTful API, which allows the Astoria Portal to be embedded and branded in virtually any web environment, allowing you to seamlessly deliver content into any platform.
  • A fully customizable user interface to preserve and adhere to your corporate brand and user experience.
  • Apache Solr (built on top of the Apache Lucene engine), which helps your customers find the information they need and be guided to any related content.
  • A end-user-facing “workflow” capability, which allows communities of trusted customers to pre-approve content for distribution to your broader customer community.
  • Detailed analytics reports show which resources your customers access the most.
  • Linkage to Astoria Annotations so that customer comments can then be viewed in a writer’s authoring tool (if you’ve enabled this type of collaboration).