Astoria Content Management

Your customers push you to do more with your content. You’re expected to deliver accurate, up-to-date information in a variety of formats — in some cases customized on-the-fly to a unique customer or product configuration. What’s more, your customers expect to get that information in their own languages, on their mobile devices, on-line and off-line, anywhere in the world. And since your customers are real people, they want to talk to others about your information, your products, your services, and they want to give you advice about how to make these things better. Your customers are using your content to push you to engage with them.

We deliver the industry's most comprehensive platform for building, curating and delivering product and service information. Whether you write content using the popular DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) XML standard, or you’re working in non-DITA XML, when you use Astoria you’re getting a blindingly fast XML content engine, proven and supported integration with the tools you need, and the most complete experience end-to-end for all the people who interact with your content: in-house writers, translation coordinators, stakeholder reviewers, and end-users who read and comment on what you’ve produced.

The Astoria platform scales from small 2- and 4-person teams to hundreds of in-house writers building millions of XML content fragments at all levels of granularity. You might have 10,000 end-users or 10,000,000; the Astoria Portal handles their needs. The Astoria platform runs in the cloud or in your data center; your content is always accessible and protected, whether at rest or in transit. For these reasons and many others, the biggest names in discrete manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, and high-tech hardware and software manufacturing are engaging with their customers through the Astoria’s platform.

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