KMWorld recognizes Astoria Software in the 2015 list of 100 companies that matter in Knowledge Management

For us here at KMWorld, knowledge management is an attitude, an approach, not an application, and that’s what we’re celebrating with this list—companies that offer the tools to analyze, augment, enhance, manage and extend information assets to maximize potential for organizations of all sizes. Our judging panel consists of colleagues, analysts, theorists and practitioners. Everyone involved in the judging process has his or her prejudices, of course, but we set those aside, and have assembled what you see listed, 100 companies whose products and services best meet the needs of our readership…. The criteria for inclusion on the list vary, but those listed have things in common. Each has either helped to create a market, redefine it, enhance or extend it. They all share a fundamental motivation to innovatively meet and anticipate the widely diverse needs of customers with robust (but sometimes single-point) solutions to meet evolving customer requirement challenges.

— Hugh McKellar, Editor-in-Chief, KMWorld Magazine

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