More than a simple XML-based document platform, Astoria offers unrivaled support and functionality to ensure the maximum efficiency and productivity of customer teams. We specialize in delivering product solutions that are designed around the specific day-to-day needs of geographically diverse teams and matched to their top editing priorities.

The Astoria Difference

When customers choose the Astoria platform, they get more than the sum of its many features and capabilities. Customers also acquire Astoria Software as a partner that supports and guides customers as they embrace the paradigm shift of structured content creation, curation, translation, and distribution.

We are proud of the product we build; we think it’s the best on the market. But, we love to help our customers, and that’s what makes Astoria so unique.

Multi-Geography and 24/7 Live Support

Astoria Software offers support packages to meet your operating requirements. We divide the world into three geographic divisions: the Americas, Asia/India, and Europe. You choose the number of geographies you want to be covered by our Astoria Support teams. We also offer 24/7 support, which extends our multi-geography coverage to include weekends.

All support packages feature a live, Astoria-trained representative to respond to the issues and questions you raise.

Free, Weekly "Best Practices" Meetings

We hold regular meetings with each Astoria Software customer. We discuss any open support cases, talk through your ideas to improve your team’s efficiency and productivity, and listen to your suggestions for improving the Astoria platform. These meetings become a forum for uncovering the best practices that lead you to success in implementing XML-based authoring and help us deliver the best possible solution for XML content management.

These meetings are held weekly or as frequently as you and your team feel is necessary. They are always free.

Integrated and Up-to-Date Community, Knowledge Base, and Support Portals

The Astoria Support Portal is accessible 24 hours a day. It’s the primary mechanism for raising issues, asking questions, and requesting product enhancements. It’s also where you can specify or alter the severity of any issue.

The Astoria Support Portal is also the mechanism that engages our service-level agreement (SLA) for response times. Any issue raised through the Astoria Support Portal is tracked by our SLA system to ensure that we respond with timiliness and competence.

The Astoria Support Portal is also the gateway to our Astoria Knowledge Base and Astoria Communities resources. These additional tools give you multiple options for finding answers to questions and exploring new ways to use the Astoria platform to your benefit.

On-Site Training Courses

Astoria Software provides training for reviewers, writers, administrators, configuration specialists, and programmers. All courses are taught at your facility, and we run the courses on the Astoria system in use by your organization. By special arrangement, courses may be delivered remotely, and these may be recorded for subsequent playback.

End-to-End Content Lifecycle Consulting

The Astoria Software team has decades of experience helping organizations adopt and implement content-production processes built around XML- and SGML-based authoring. Our team has experts in:

  • Content analysis and information architecture: We analyze your existing content and devise the best set of XML elements to represent your information
  • Data conversion: We configure our Astoria Content Conversion portal to use your information architecture; we train you on how to use the portal; or, we do the conversion for you
  • Business process modeling: We document your existing processes for content production and then work with you to adapt those processes to the structured authoring paradigm; if you choose, we also configure Astoria Workflow to automate those adapted processes
  • Style sheet development: We design the XSL transformations that turn unformatted XML into beautiful content that reflects your organization’s brand and desired user experience

Variety of Content Management

The Astoria Component Content Management System (CCMS) may be deployed in two forms: as a package installed on your infrastructure, or as a service running in the cloud. The product features of the two deployments are otherwise identical.


Astoria On-Premise is the brand name for the Astoria CCMS when it runs on your infrastructure.


Astoria On-Demand is the brand name for the Astoria CCMS when it runs as a cloud-based service.