Astoria is the Award Winning Solution

for Enterprise Content Management

Astoria On-Demand

By delivering the industry’s most comprehensive on-demand solution for building, managing, and assembling DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) content, Astoria On-Demand has become the industry leading technical documentation software. Through our blindingly fast XML content engine, our software enables the creation, management and assembly of complex and globalized documentation across multiple divisions — within your company, or across your entire supply chain. That’s why the biggest names in discrete manufacturing, medical device manufacturing, and high-tech hardware and software manufacturing have turned to Astoria On-Demand for their documentation needs.

Make Your Business Stronger, Faster

100% ROI Faster Than Comparable Solutions
Grow Top-Line Revenue Through Differentiation
Reduce Product Documentation Costs by 33% to 50%

Here Are Just Some of the Companies that Trust in Us