Covers the complete lifecycle over every content asset

Curation: to pull together, sift through, and select for presentation. Without scalable, intuitively implemented tools and review processes, even the best-built content can miss the mark. That’s where Astoria’s content curation tools help you to maintain a continuous flow of correct, reviewed, and approved content delivered into multiple languages and to every channel where your customers encounter your information. Astoria lets you select the content to be reviewed, lets you design and execute the review processes that work best for your organization, and gives you control over the which content is released to customers. Your selected reviewers see the content through a secure, browser-based and collaborative environment. You easily track content assets through any review cycle with reporting and drill-down capabilities to inspect the status of any task or job.

Curation also means ensuring that content linkages are intact, and this is where Astoria takes away a burdensome and tedious task. Astoria’s DNA is “referential integrity”, which means link management is a core function within Astoria’s XML engine. Complementing link management is the Astoria Wastebasket, a place where creators and curators can retrieve accidentally deleted content. In fact, the Astoria Wastebasket is so fully integral to curation that it’s impossible to translate, publish, export, or even archive content that sits in the Wastebasket; you have to unlink the content deliberately, and that’s what a good curation system should do for you.