World-leading translation services

Your organization’s localization coordinator is arguably the most organized but perhaps the most distressed person in the content-creation pipeline. Which content is approved for translation? Which graphics? Oh, a writer corrected a major flaw in the source-language content that went out yesterday? These are just a few of the myriad tasks, decisions, and challenges that assault a localization coordinator every day.

Astoria automates the tedium and detail that make life so difficult for localization coordinators. When it’s time to send source-language material for translation, you select one file and Astoria figures out the rest. Need approved content belonging to a specific release? No problem; Astoria shows you the approved tags that belong to the content; you select the correct one. Should graphics be included? Easy answer: Astoria lets you choose graphics marked for translation OR include non-translatable graphics as an aid to translators OR don’t include any graphics. Need to update a package that’s already being translated? Simple; just tell Astoria to create an “update” package to be sent to the translator. Astoria can do all of this and more because it tracks changes to each XML component, so it knows which content has been translated and which content needs to be translated for every target language you support.

Localization coordinators don’t need to worry about the relationships between source- and target-language content. Astoria keeps track of that automatically. And, Astoria comes pre-integrated with TransPerfect’s market-leading GlobalLink Globalization platform plus other translation solutions, too.